Edge Bootcamp & Fitness

Edge Bootcamp & Fitness facility where you have unlimited access to daily bootcamp classes and weekly specialty group fitness classes. Work one on one with a nutritionist to hit your personal fitness goals.


Tell Me About Edge Bootcamp & Fitness!!!

✅️Yearly subscriptions that can be paid for in full for 10% off or monthly at $150/mth.
✅️Subscriptions can be paused or members can get out of the membership any time without a penalty. You are only charged the month that the withdrawal is in.
✅️Classes are 50 minute bootcamp style lead by a certified and highly trained coach. Work outs alternate between Strength and Metabolic each day. Each class is planned and lead by the coach teaching the class, so a variety of classes each day.
✅️Various times each day available for sign up. Running every hour 6am-1pm and 4pm-7pm
✅️Members have access to a nutritionist who can advise and help with dietary questions and plans
✅️Members have access to a once a week fitness class such as Yoga, Zumba, Pound, Barre, or B-Class
✅️Small Class sizes so overwhelm and comparison does not set in
✅️Personal Trainers/Fitness coaches lead every warm up and exercise to ensure it is done properly
✅️Scheduled and planned work outs to ensure different muscle groups are worked
✅️Trainers/Coaches who are there through every workout to encourage, motivate and celebrate
✅️Nutrition coach to work with YOU and find what your healthy journey looks like.
✅️Connection with fellow members who attend the class with you
✅️Recognition of YOU as an amazing human and what you are accomplishing every class.
Bootcamp & Fitness
⭐Age Doesn’t matter ?
⭐Ability Doesn’t matter ?
⭐Experience Doesn’t matter?
⭐Size Doesn’t matter?
Edge Bootcamp & Fitness is literally for eveyBODY and work outs are tailored to individual needs.
Coach’s always have a variety of exercises each class and can help any member modify them if needed.
Class sizes are no larger then 10 so a more one on one coaching feel.
Even our nutrition program, which is included with your membership, is member specific.
We are all different, our needs our different……our gym is different!!!
Come try a class today, message us and chat with Heather
Join us in April 2024
Just working on our April Schedule and getting all the classes in our system for those joining.
Here’s what we know:
No contract to sign just focus on YOUR needs and your availability.
*5:30am Classes Monday to Thursday
*8:30, 9am or 10am Class every weekday
*Butts & Gutts Tuesday Evenings
*Full Body HIIT Thursday Evenings
*Popup workouts from Coach Lindsay, Coach Ashley & Coach Stephanie
*Yoga Classes Saturday Mornings and some evenings
All this for only $120
Message us on Edge Bootcamp & Fitness on Facebook or text 403-391-3124 for a schedule and details.
Already a Member?? Don’t worry you get this crazy deal as well!!
Something about us is a little different!!!
Did you know that all your nutrition needs are included with your membership?!?!?
At Edge Bootcamp & Fitness you have access to our amazing Nutritionist Shaina Gordon to book one on one consults. Making sure your nutrition journey is tailored just for you.
There is NO extra costs for challenges that happen throughout the year.
Accountability at no extra cost.
Now you Know!!!!