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Edge Bootcamp & Fitness facility where you have unlimited access to daily bootcamp classes and weekly specialty group fitness classes. Work one on one with a nutritionist to hit your personal fitness goals.


Tell Me About Edge Bootcamp & Fitness!!!

✔Yearly subscriptions that can be paid for in full for 10% off or monthly at $150/mth.
✔Subscriptions can be paused or members can get out of the membership any time without a penalty. You are only charged the month that the withdrawal is in.
✔Classes are 50 minute bootcamp style lead by a certified and highly trained coach. Work outs alternate between Strength and Metabolic each day. Each class is planned and lead by the coach teaching the class, so a variety of classes each day.
✔Various times each day available for sign up. Running every hour 6am-1pm and 4pm-7pm
✔Members have access to a nutritionist who can advise and help with dietary questions and plans
✔Members have access to a once a week fitness class such as Yoga, Zumba, Pound, Barre, or B-Class
✔Small class sizes with a maximum of 10 Members for more of a personal training experience
Bootcamp & Fitness
⭐Age Doesn’t matter ?
⭐Ability Doesn’t matter ?
⭐Experience Doesn’t matter?
⭐Size Doesn’t matter?
Edge Bootcamp & Fitness is literally for eveyBODY and work outs are tailored to individual needs.
Coach’s always have a variety of exercises each class and can help any member modify them if needed.
Class sizes are no larger then 10 so a more one on one coaching feel.
Even our nutrition program, which is included with your membership, is member specific.
We are all different, our needs our different……our gym is different!!!
Come try a class today, message us and chat with Heather

Holiday Hustle-❄️The Holiday Hustle ❄️

 This 4-week session is going to be one you don’t want to miss out on!

We are going to take things up a notch and really dial into our nutrition. We are approaching that time of year where our health and well-being gets pushed to the back burner because the holiday season is coming up and the mindset of “I’ll just start fresh in the new year” comes into play. That is why I have created this session, to get out of that mindset and encourage you to make your health a priority regardless of what time of the year it is.

This session will include specialized meal plans for each individual that you will follow for the entire 4 weeks. Accountability and consistency are going to be a main focus. I am here to help you reach your goals, answer any questions, modify things to your needs, motivate you and celebrate the small and big victories with you.

This session has meal plans made for you, so its easy to follow and by following it you will naturally learn how to build a well-balanced plate after the 4 weeks.

Let’s hustle into that holiday season! 🎊

Something about us is a little different!!!
Did you know that all your nutrition needs are included with your membership?!?!?
At Edge Bootcamp & Fitness you have access to our amazing Nutritionist Shaina Gordon to book one on one consults. Making sure your nutrition journey is tailored just for you.
There is NO extra costs for challenges that happen throughout the year.
Accountability at no extra cost.
Now you Know!!!!