Fine Arts

Fine Arts For Preschoolers

The Fine Arts Club for preschool aged children is a diverse, all-inclusive program for children ages 3-6 years. This program runs 2 days a week, 2hrs each day and currently located at the Blackfalds studio Tues/Thurs 9-11am and the Lacombe Studio Mon/Wed 9-11am. It is a fun and active curriculum which allows children to develop social skills and artistic talents at a young age. Included with the program is dance, yoga, music, drama, fitness and art. Students have a variety of classes to enjoy filled with imagination and creativity. The purpose of this program is to enhance each child’s overall development with gross and fine motor skills and improve social, cognitive and emotional awareness in a fun and safe environment.

Instructors have both a performing arts background as well as a childhood development background.


Miss Brookelyn
Fine Arts Club Director

Miss Ashley
Fine Arts Club Instructor

The cost of this program is $120/month and a one-time $50 registration fee for all included supplies.

Curriculum Includes


Children will learn the basics of Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and creative movement. Getting them up and moving in a fun and encouraging environment is the goal.


Children will do circle songs learning nursery rhymes and other children songs. Instruments such as tambourines, drums and shakers will also be introduced. Children will develop a sense of rhythm and an ear for music.


Once a month we have a yoga instructor come by to introduce the basic yoga poses in a fun themed class. Great for flexibility and coordination, our yoga days are a favorite!


Painting, coloring, cutting, gluing and assembling are just some of the fun things we do with our students. Relating to that month’s theme your child will bring home fridge worthy pieces of art.


Obstacle courses, gymnastics skills and active games are incorporated to keep children moving and grooving. A focus on fitness will improve their coordination, body awareness and muscle memory.


 Imagination and creativity are our specialty. Singing, dancing and acting makes a triple threat in the musical theatre world. Our Fine Arts Club students learn to express emotions, speak in front of a group and gain confidence.